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Purgative (Cathartic) Substance that stimulates the loosening of the bowels. The plethora of purgatives and emetics prescribed by the physician in former times had its origin in the Hippocratic theory.

Antidotum haemagogum (Antidotum haemagogum) Emmenagogic preparation made from root of long birthwort, root of elecampane, pellitory of Spain, seeds of rue, lupins, myrrh and other ingredients.

Catartico imperiale (It) Purgative electuary made from scammony, cardamon seeds, cinnamon and other ingredients.

Confectio Hamech (It, Confezione Hamech) Purgative preparation, reputedly named after an Arab physician of the name of Hamech. Compounded from colocynth, scammony, agaric, senna leaves, rhubarb, myrobalans and other ingredients.

Electuarium diacatholicon (Electuarium diacatholicum) Purgative electuary made from senna leaves, tamarine pulp, cassia pulp, polypody rhizone, seeds of cucumber and fennel, rhubarb, liquorice and other ingredients.

Electuarium Episcopi (L, Bishop’s electuary) Purgative electuary made from scammony, turpeth root, polypody rhizome and other ingredients.

Lénitif fin (Fr) (It, Lentitivo elettuario) (L, Electuarium lenitivum) Electuary having mild purgative action, made from senna, tamarind pulp, prunes, polypody rhizome, liquorice and other ingredients.

Pilulae aggregativae Purgative pills made from aloes, scammony, larch agaric, colocynth, turpeth root, rhubarb, myrobalans and other ingredients, used for relief of headaches and gastric pains.

  1. Aloe Substance having purgative action, obtained by evaporating the liquid which exudes from the cut leaves of various species of the genus aloë.

Pilulae cocciae Purgative pills composed of aloes, scammony, colocynth and other ingredients.

Pilulae de duobus Purgative pills prepared from colocynth and scammony.

  1. Scammony (L, Scammonia; Scammonium) (Scammonium de Aleppo) Gum resin obtained from the root of the plant Convulvulus scammonia, much of it imported from the Levant.

Pulvis Cornachinus Purgative preparation made from scammony, cream of tartar and antimonium diaphoreticum, name for Marco Cornacchini, professor of medicine at Pisa.

Syrup of ipecac Solution prepared with dried root, used as an emetic or purgative.

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