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Central European Cheeses

Gomolya (Homolky; Hrudka) Ewes’ milk cheese, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Estonski (Estonsky) Cows’ milk cheese from Estonia.

Hajdú (Hungarian) Kashkaval type cheese, Hungary.

Liptauer (Hungarian) Cheese spread originally produced in Liptov, Tatra mountains, Hungary.

Liptó (Hungarian) Soft ewes’ milk cheese, Liptó, Hungary.

Moravsky Bochnik (Czech) Version of Emmental, Czech Republic.

Niva (Czech) Cows’ milk blue cheese, Czech Republic.

Olomouc (Czech) Version of Olmützer, Czech Republic.

Ovár (Hungarian) Cows’ milk cheese resembling Tilsit, Hungary.

Parenyica (Ribbon cheese) Ewes’ milk cheese that is cut into ribbons, rolled and smoked, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Peneteleu (Dobrogea) Ewes’ milk cheese resembling Kashkaval, Rumania.

Urdâ Version of Italian Ricotta, Balkans and Czech Republic.

Warszawski (Polish) Version of Kashkaval, Poland.

Zsendice (Hungarian) Rich ewes’ milk cheese, Hungary.

Russian Cheeses

Altaiski (Rus) Factory-produced cows’ milk cheese resembling Emmental.

Dessertnyï Belyï (Desertny Bely) (Rus) Young cows’ milk factory-produced cheese.

Dorobouski (Rus) Strong-flavored cows’ milk cheese.

Gornoaltaysky (Rus) Cows’ and ewes’ milk pungent hard cheese, named after the mountain area where it is produced.

Kostromskoï (Kostromskoy) (Rus) Cows’ milk Gouda-type cheese.

Latviiski (Latviisky) (Rus) Strong-smelling cows’ milk cheese.

Moskovski (Rus) Hard, full-flavored cows’ milk cheese.

Motal (Rus) Farmhouse ewes or cows’ milk cheese that is brined, Caucuses.

Zakoussotchnyï (Rus) Version of Camembert.

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