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Black Collar Crime in Chile

Chile clerical sexual abuse Chile’s Catholic Church officially asked for forgiveness for priests involved in some 20 cases of sexual abuse against minors, April 2010.

Episcopal silence Bishops in Chile quietly kept accused priests in ministry without informing local parishioners or prosecutors.

Chile discontent Chile is at the forefront of a wave of discontent sweeping across Latin America after a continent-wide poll found that satisfaction with the operation of democracy in the country fell 24% in 2011 to only 32% of the population.

  1. Karadima case High profile priest who ministered to Chile’s wealthy was found guilty of pedophilia by the Vatican, appears to have shattered the public confidence in the country’s most important religious institution.

Catholic Church in Chile discontent Confidence in the Catholic Church in Chile plummeted to just 38%, down from 62% in 2010. The Latin American average was 64%.

Cristián Precht At the end of August 2011, an as yet unidentified person came forward to accuse Chilean priest and former vicar Cristián Precht of sexual abuse in the 1980s. Precht came to international attention during the Augusto Pinochet regime. He served as the executive secretary for the Committee for Peace, and later the Vicariate of Solidarity, from 1974 to 1979. Both organizations sought to defend and promote human rights under the dictatorship.

Sex abuse in schools Chilean authorities will investigate 61 schools in the country's capital for possible child sex abuse, the attorney general has announced, in the latest government step to address a sharp rise in reports of such crimes, 2012. Attorney-General Sabas Chahuan said on Friday his office will look at 49 schools in eastern Santiago and 12 on city's west side. Several teachers have recently been accused of sexually molesting children at schools in affluent neighbourhoods in the eastern part of Santiago.

Sex offender database President said the sex offender database would be fully functioning from August 2012.

Columban Fathers

Columban Fathers Missionary society.

Healy affair Rev. Jeremiah Healy (Padre Derry) originally from Co Kerry, has been a missionary in Chile since 1981, working in communities in Villa Frei, Pudahuel, Valparaíso and Santiago. The Irish missionary priest is under investigation by church authorities following accusations that he sexually abused two young men in Chile during the 1980s. Healy stepped down as head of the Columban Fathers missionary society’s operation in May 2011 after the first of the two men reported the alleged abuse to the society.

  1. Ramos accusation Claudio Ramos reported the alleged abuse to the society, 2011. He met Healy in 1983 when he was 14 years-old. He said the abuse started two years later after Fr Healy offered him space in his house to study as he was unable to do so at home due to family problems. “He was a friend and very sympathetic and open. At this time I liked art films and he had a VHS machine and would invite me to watch videos. Then when we were alone he abused this confidence I had in him,” Mr Ramos said.
  2. Salas accusation Jorge Salas, now Mr Ramos’s brother-in-law, said in his declaration to Santiago’s archbishop that he met Fr Healy in 1983 when he was 19 years old. The priest became a friend and helped him at a time when he was having difficulties in his relationships with friends and family. Salas said when he was 23 years old Fr Healy initiated a sexual relationship, claiming it would teach him “new sexual techniques and with all this I would be protected from women” in a declaration presented to the archbishop of Santiago, Ricardo Ezzati Andrello, June 2011.

November 2011 List

November 2011 list Catholic Church released a list naming 17 priests and one deacon in Chile associated with alleged cases of sexual abuse, 11 November 2011. Ten of the clergymen listed have been convicted by the Chilean justice system and eight others have been sanctioned by the Vatican.

  1. April protocol By releasing the list of clergymen under questioning, the Church is following a new protocol launched in April 2011 which created a National Council for the Prevention of Abuses Against Minors and Accompanying Victims. The list was released in time for the 102nd Plenary Assembly of Chile’s Episcopal Conference, which is set to focus on the issue of juvenile abuse.

(database of allegations of sexual abuse by priests)

Anon deacon Convicted for sex abuse.

Anon priest I Convicted for sex abuse.

Anon priest II Convicted for sex abuse.

Anon priest III Convicted for sex abuse.

Anon priest IV Convicted for sex abuse.

Anon priest V Convicted for sex abuse.

Anon priest VI Convicted for sex abuse.

Anon priest VII Convicted for sex abuse.

Anon priest VIII Convicted for sex abuse.

Anon priest IX sanctioned by the Vatican for sex abuse.

Anon priest X sanctioned by the Vatican for sex abuse.

Anon priest XI sanctioned by the Vatican for sex abuse.

Anon priest XII sanctioned by the Vatican for sex abuse.

Anon priest XIII sanctioned by the Vatican for sex abuse.

Anon priest XIV sanctioned by the Vatican for sex abuse.

Arregui case Jose Angel Arregui Erana used to teach physical education at a Roman Catholic religious order's schools in Spain was arrested in Chile on suspicion of sexually abusing children, August 2009, where he was teaching. He was held on suspicion of filming the abuse and possessing images of sexually abused boys, Jaime Jara, a Chilean cybercrime unit police commander, said that the suspected crime of possessing the illegal images occurred in Chile but that the alleged sexual abuse of the students and the filming of it apparently occurred in Spain. Reported 16 March 2010.

Lagos case Sister Paula (Isabel Margarita Lagos) , the former mother superior of the Ursulinas sisterhood.

Triviño case Rev. Victor Carrera Triviño was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in 2001. A church tribunal ordered him to undergo therapy and transferred him to Italy. In May 2001, the Supreme Court of Chile granted the extradition request of the family to require Triviño to return to the country.

Archdiocese of Antofagasta

Archdiocese of Antofagasta Established 1928.

No data.

Diocese of Arica

Diocese of Arica (Diocesis de Arica) Established 1959.

No data.

Diocese of Iquique

Diocese of Iquique (Diocesis de Iquique) Established 1929.

No data.

Archdiocese of Concepción

Archdiocese of Concepción (Arquidiócesis de la Santísima Concepción)

'Araya case Audin Araya allegedly abused three minors at a Catholic school in the city of Concepcion, located 500 kilometers (310 miles) south of Santiago that allegedly took place in 2008, when Araya was rector of a local high school, arrested 13 May 2011.

Diocese of Chillán

Diocese of Chillán Established 1925.

No data.

Diocese of Los Angeles

Diocese of Los Angeles

Bishop Caviedes Bishop Miguel Caviedes Medina (1930-) ordained 1954 in Rancagua, Chile, appointed Bishop of Osorno, Chile, 1984 and Bishop of Los Angeles, Chile, 1994.

(database of allegations of sexual abuse by priests)

Valdenbenito case Rev. Enrique Valdenbenito was criminally charged with raping two boys, ages nine and ten. Although Bishop Caviedes urged the victims to pursue their cases, Valdenbenito remains in his parish.

Diocese of Temuco

Diocese of Temuco

No data.

Diocese of Valdivia

Diocese of Valdivia Established 1910.

No data.

Archdiocese of La Serena

Archdiocese of La Serena Established as a diocese in 1840 and archdiocese in 1939.

(database of allegations of sexual abuse by priests)

Cox affair Bishop Francisco Jose Cox had been bishop in La Serena, in northern Chile, for seven years when he was removed in 1997 amid rumors that he was a pedophile. He was first transferred to Santiago, then Rome, then Colombia, and finally Germany. In 2002, Santiago Archbishop Francisco Javier Erraruriz said Cox had agreed to be removed for "inappropriate conduct." The archbishop acknowledged Cox had shown "affection that was a bit exuberant," especially toward children, but said, "I'm not aware of any formal allegation backed by evidence." Erraruriz said Cox volunteered to be confined to a Schoenstatt convent in Colombia to continue "praying to God for his pardon for the errors he has made.

  1. Schoenstatt movement Worldwide lay community within the Catholic Church, paid for the moves and his treatment.

Diocese of Copiapó

Diocese of CopiapóEstablished 1958.

No data.

Archdiocese of Puerto Montt

Archdiocese of Puerto Montt Established as a diocese in 1939 and archdiocese in 1963.

No data.

Diocese of Punta Arenas

Diocese of Punta Arenas (Diocesis de Punta Arenas)

(database of allegations of sexual abuse by priests)

Larraín affair Rev. Antonio Larraín was suspended in September 2001 after being charged with raping a nine-year-old girl while serving as the principal of a Catholic school. He insisted that he is innocent. Bishop Gonzáles, of Punto Arenas, has assisted Larraín's case by transferring a priest who supported a lawsuit filed by the girl's parents to a new parish.

Diocese of Osorno

Diocese of Osorno

No data.

Diocese of San Carlos de Ancud

Diocese of San Carlos de Ancud Established 1840.

No data.

Archdiocese of Santiago

Archdiocese of Santiago (Arquidiocesis de Santiago) Established 1561.

Francisco Javier Erraruriz Santiago Archbishop admitted the Chilean church was investigating cases of priest pedophilia after playing the issue down for years. "There is something to these pedophilia abuses — just a few, thank God," Errazuriz said in an interview on state television, April 2010.

(database of allegations of sexual abuse by priests)

[NK offenders acknowledged, 2 listed]

Aguirre case Rev. José Andres Aguirre (Father Tato) accused of having sex with young girls, including one who became pregnant. Despite multiple complaints the church hierarchy kept Aguirre serving at several Catholic girls' schools in the capital. Later the church sent Aguirre out of Chile twice amid abuse allegations.

  1. Paula accusation One of the girls, identified as Paula, said that she and the priest started to have sex when she was 16 and that it lasted until she was 20. She told the Chilean newspaper La Nacion: "I thought it wasn't that bad to have sex with him because when I told priests about it at confession they just told me to pray and that was it. They knew, and some of them guessed that it was Father Tato. But everyone looked the other way. No one corrected or helped me." She said one of the priests she confessed to about her sex with Aguirre was Bishop Francisco Jose Cox, who himself was facing allegations of pedophilia.
  2. Aguirre case Aguirre was eventually sentenced to 12 years in prison for abusing 10 teenage girls.

Fernando Karadima

Karadima affair Rev. Fernando Karadima (1930-), a disciple of Alberto Hurtado, a Jesuit priest and Chile’s first saint. Karadima has trained some 50 active priests and five bishops over his long career, one of Chile’s most respected and influential priests. He served in El Bosque parish , which serves some of Santiago’s most influential families. Some go so far as to call him a “living saint,” who for half a century helped mold thousands of young Catholics from Santiago’s elite. Karadima denied claims by several men who say he sexually abused them as teenagers.

  1. Catholic Action Rev. Karadima reinvented Catholic Action founded by Father Hurtado as a sort of youth movement to help the poor, and installed it in El Bosque.

Hamilton accusation Karadima had sex with Dr. James Hamilton (1966-) when he was 17-years old, and continued to have sex with him at the age of 38 while Hamilton is married with children. James Hamilton said he worshiped him almost from the moment he was chosen at the age of 17 to be part of his Catholic Action youth movement. The priest became his confessor, his spiritual adviser, his father figure. “He was God’s representative over me,” said Dr. Hamilton. For weeks after joining the movement, he shrugged off kisses on the mouth and pats on his genitals from the priest, he said. Then one day, while on a retreat at a seaside town west of Santiago, Dr. Hamilton said, Father Karadima took his intimate play much further. “I was paralyzed, frozen,” Dr. Hamilton said. “I was destroyed.”

Abuse process Hamilton and hjs wife would go to Mass every night and often be invited to dinner with the priest. Karadima would sometimes ask Dr. Hamilton to accompany him upstairs to his room to attend to a nagging medical condition. The sexual contact would continue, even as his wife and children were downstairs. In 2004 Dr. Hamilton filed an official claim of sexual abuse to a church official outside the parish. No one ever responded

  1. Carlos Cruzaccusation Juan Carlos Cruz, a Chilean who is now a corporate executive in the United States, said that when he was a 17-year-old seminary student who had just lost his father, Father Karadima also used confession as way to abuse him, touching his genitals and kissing him on the mouth. He said that in confession he had told Father Karadima that he was confused about his sexuality. He said the priest took advantage of that knowledge to intimidate him into remaining silent. “This man had total power over me,” Mr. Cruz said. “I just wanted to commit suicide but I wasn’t brave enough to do it and I didn’t want to do that to my mother.”

Church cover-up One man said he had reported the abuse to Father Karadima’s superiors in the archdiocese of Santiago as many as seven years ago, but they took no action (c. 2003).

  1. Errazuriz cover-up Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz acknowledged in a letter that he suspended an investigation into alleged abuses by Karadima because he was looking for more evidence.

"After an initial investigation ... I suspended the matter to wait for new evidence, analyze more deeply what we already had and hold new consultations with experts in canonical law," Errazuriz said in the letter, which was read aloud to all parishes in the archdiocese of the capital, Santiago, 25 April 2010.

Archdiocesan tribunal All four men filed formal complaints with the archdiocesan tribunal, August 2009. Receiving no response, Theyspoke publicly for the first time, 21 April 2010.

  1. Criminal complaint 2009 Four men who were once devoted followers have filed a criminal complaint alleging that Father Karadima sexually abused them in secret for years, 21 April 2010.
  2. Vatican intervention Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, spent six days in Chile. The accusers said that church officials told them that Cardinal Bertone held discussions about how the church should respond to the accusations against Father Karadima. Church officials deny that the cardinal had any formal talks with the accuser’s lawyers or Chilean bishops during his trip.

Note Church officials denied they had any "formal talks" while the allegation referred to discussions - mental reservation?.

Karadina guilty Rev. Fernando Karadina, is suspected of abusing minors over a period of 20 years when he was in charge of an upscale Santiago parish. The Vatican found him guilty of sexually abusing children and "sentenced" him to a life of prayer and penitence, but Chile reopened a case against him, 20!1.

Karadima trial Judge Jessica Gonzalez confirmed that there was participation of Rev. Fernando Karadima ,the former pastor of The Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish (“El Bosque” Parish), in the crime, but in consideration of the time elapsed between the occurrence of the crime and the reporting of the facts, the case had to be dismissed. The judge declared that in fact, the priest’s touching and kissing of seminarians, other priests and young parishioners were a pattern of conduct of the former pastor that took place since 1962. The judge ruled that because the crimes investigated were committed between 1980 and 1995 and the present investigation was initiated in April 2010, the criminal responsibility of Fernando Karadima for the crimes of repeated sexual abuses is extinguished from prosecution by prescription, 14 November 2011.

Diocese of San Felipe

Diocese of San Felipe Established 1925.

No data.

Diocese of Valparaiso

Diocese of Valparaiso Established c. 1925.

No data.

Diocese of Valparaiso

Diocese of San Bernardo Formed from the Archdiocese of Santiago, 1987.

No data.

Diocese of Melipilla

Diocese of Melipilla Formed from the Archdiocese of Santiago, 1991.

Bishop Troncoso Enrique Troncoso of Melipilla.

(database of allegations of sexual abuse by priests)

[No offenders acknowledged, 1 listed]

Munoz case Rev. Ricardo Munoz Quinteros (1955-), served in Melipilla, 40 miles (70 kilometers) northwest of Santiago. The priest and his girlfriend, Pamela Ampuero, are accused of soliciting sex from young girls from the nearby town of Curacavi, including one who later bore his child. Ampuero found girls, photographed them and sent him the pictures over the Internet. Munoz offered his victims up to $90 to have sex with him. The priest was charged with abusing three girls, ages 14, 16, and 17 The public defender assigned to his case entered a plea of not guilty, 6 January 2010.

  1. Pamela Ampuero (1977-) Mother of two children fathered by Munoz, was charged with peddling the sexual services of minors.

Diocese of Rancangua

Diocese of Rancangua Formed from the Archdiocese of Santiago,1925.

No data.

Diocese of Talca

Diocese of Talca Formed from the Archdiocese of Santiago, 1925.

No data.

Diocese of Linares

Diocese of Linares Established 1925.

No data.

Military Ordinate Bishopric of the Armed Forces & Historia del Obispado.

No data.

Apostolic Vicariates

  1. Apostolic Vicariate of Araucanía
  2. Apostolic Vicariate of Aysén
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