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Anti-Semitic Epithets

Yiddle Jew.

Polack Jew whose family comes from Poland. The slang term as used in the US is simply, a Pole.

  1. Litvak Jew whose family came from Lithuania and as such was considered lower class by Polacks.

Cloak-and-suiter Jewish man.

Jew’s canoe Cadillac (US), Jaguar car (UK), or some other large ostentatious vehicle. An epithet of the late 1960s which succeeded the earlier Jew’s Rolls Royce.

Jewish typewriter (Jewish joanna; Jewish piano; Jewish pianola) Cash register referring to a stereotypical image of Jewish love of money.

Jewish lightning (AmE) Arson, the deliberate burning of insured property. A type of fraud ascribed in anti-Semitic terms to being typically perpetuated by Jewish businessmen or landlords.

Jew flag (AmE) Dollar bill, but also any paper money, 1920s.

Anti-Semitic Geography

Jew York (Hymie Town) (AmE) New York.

Yidney (BrE) Sidney, a British society derogatory term.

Eretzopolis (Port) Semi-pejorative name given to the mountain resort town of Teresopolis, outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by virtue of the number of Jewish families who maintain summer residences there. Eretz refers to the Hebrew term for the Holy Land.

Derogatory for Jew

(alphabetical listing)

Abe (Abie; Abie Kabibble) (AmE) Derogatory for Jew, abbreviation of Abraham.

Bagel-bender (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Bankers (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Clipped dick (Clip; Clip cock) (AmE) Derogatory for a Jew, referring to circumcision.

Eskimo (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Front-wheel skid (Saucepan lid) (EnE) Jew, Cockney rhyming slang, Yid.

Geese (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Goose (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Hebe Derogatory for Jew, from Hebrew.

Hook nose (Hooknose) (Eagle beak) (AmE) Derogatory for a Jew.

Hymie (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Ikey (Ikie; Izzie) Derogatory for a Jew, from Isaac.

  1. Ikey Mo Derogatory for a Jew, from Isaac Moses.

Jew-boy (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Kabibble (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Kangaroo (EnE) Cockney rhyming slang, Jew.

Kike (from Yiddish, kikel = a circle) (AmE) Derogatory for a Jew, from the circular mark used by some illiterate Jewish immigrants, rather than a cross, when signing papers at Ellis Island.

Lox Jock Derogatory for a Jew, from, lox = salmon, supposedly a favorite Jewish dish.

Moch (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Mocky (Mockey, Mockie) (AmE) Jew, a derogatory term from the 1930s.

MOT (AmE) Member of the tribe, derogatory.

Porker (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Quarter-to-two (Five-to-two; Four by two; Half-past two) (EnE) Cockney rhyming slang, Jew.

Red Sea pedestrian (AuE) Derogatory for Jew

Sammy (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Sheeny (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Shonk (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Shonnicker (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Yehuda (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Yid (AmE) Derogatory for Jew from Yiddish.

Zhid (Rus) Derogatory Russian term for Jew.

Zip top (AmE) Derogatory for Jew.

Jewish Derogatory Language

Gentile Person who is not Jewish.

  1. Goy (pl, Goyim) (Yoks) Derogatory Jewish term for gentile.
    1. Shiksa (Shikse) Gentile female.
    2. Shegets Gentile male.
  2. Flour mixier Rhyming slang, shikse.

Note Gentile is used by the Mormons for a person who is not of their faith.

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